SWEAT Fitness App Reviews

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Updated Class Schedules

I love the Sweat app because each location can have minor changes to the class schedules. This app lets you know which classes are upcoming, and you can conveniently add the class to your calendar. It's a useful app and hopefully they keep building in features (such as instructor's names on the class lists). Appreciate the app a lot and like that the most recent update is very good at tracking your visits!

Love it

Great workout and tracking app

Cannot be used at all locations, specifically the one I use

There is a feedback feature within the app that gives an error message when you try to give feedback. So I'll give it here. While the location I go to is blanketed with advertisements for the app, the checkin feature doesn't work at that location. Seriously.


Great way to add classes to your calendar.


Easy to understand and navigate. Really helps to keep track of my progress and keep me on track!

Can’t create login

The Sweat Fitness app uses the xID login system. Unfortunately when I try to sign up, the xID field where I would enter an id, such as mobile number, does not trigger the keyboard to pop up. It’s just a static field. As a result, the app is entirely unusable on my phone, since I can’t create an ID, and therefore can’t access the content of the app. I’ve given it a one star rating since I simply can’t evaluate the content of the app at this point. If that changes I’ll revisit this review.

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